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Cereal Thriller:  Cashew Orange Milk Chocolate

Cereal Thriller: Cashew Orange Milk Chocolate

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Nuanced:  Feuilletine coated in milk chocolate with candied orange zest and roasted cashews.  A bright crispy punch to sprinkle on ice cream, yogurt or fresh fruit.  Pictured:  we made a trifle with layers of vanilla pudding and whip cream. 

What  is feuilletine?  Long used in my pastry repetoire, I often describe feuilletine as “French corn flakes”.  Like a corn flake but more refined: caramelized, malty flavor delivered in razor thin flakes.  When coated in chocolate, they stay crisp, crisp, crisp.  Someone once described their effect in dessert of mine as “effervescent.”

Ingredients: Feuilletine, milk chocolate, cashews, orange zest, salt. 

Net Weight: 3 oz/85 grams.

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